Brow Buddy Kit


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The Brow Buddy Kit: A Premium Eyebrow Shaping Tool for Symmetrical Brows

“The Most Genius Eyebrow Tool Ever! Seriously! It Gets You Perfect, Totally Symmetrical Brows!” -GLAMOUR beauty

All brows are not created equal, and that’s why it’s important to make sure yours are even and they fit your face. But maybe you struggle with where to start and finish your look. Created and patented by our Co-Founder and CEO, Natalie Plain, our eyebrow shaping tool can help you create perfect brows every time.

“I created this tool out of necessity. I wanted to help women everywhere achieve symmetrical brows without having to go to a professional. This tool makes at-home eyebrow grooming and makeup application a breeze. Unlike stencils, the Brow Buddy takes into account YOUR facial symmetry. Brows are NOT a one size fits all!” – Natalie

Shape Every Part of Your Brows

Our Brow Buddy Kit will show you exactly where your brows should start, arch, and where they should end. If you use it correctly, you’ll get symmetrical brows no matter what shape you start with. This tool is easy to use, and you can master it quickly, even if you’re new to doing your brows.

Our Commitment to You

At Billion Dollar Brows, we want to help you with your brow journey. We’re committed to our customers and to providing you with the highest-quality options for your beauty needs. You can find great brow cosmetics and tools like the eyebrow shaping tool at a price you can afford.

Use our entire line of eyebrow grooming kits to get a beautiful, natural look.


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Written by sydney on May 9th 2020

worth the buy

I really like this kit. The shaper tool is super cool to see where you want your natural brows to grow and is super simple to use. However, I wish they had in between shades for blonde to brunette. I hesitated and bought the taupe color because I thought the blonde would be too light. Unfortunately its too dark and I have to use a lighter brow tint/color from a different company. Overall, worth the purchase :) …

Written by Sonia Trujillo on Aug 26th 2019

Great tool

I love this basic/simple brow tool. I didn’t think I would use the pencil but I have been using it & I love that too. Worth the low cost. …

Written by AMZ187 on Jul 22nd 2018

Great product

So easy to use and the white pencil rubs off easily without smudging makeup (if you ever use it after youÕve applied makeup) I found this soooo good to even out my brows as I do them myself. Quite cheap for what it is too!…

Written by Beautycase on Apr 22nd 2016

Brilliant brows

If you find yourself perpetually 'evening out' your brows when you fill them in and wasting precious time, this could shorten your makeup routine and give you awesome, perfectly proportioned brows. Unlike cutout stencils that assume your face is a generic shape, this tool uses your own facial features as a reference point to guide you to perfect brows. Once you've got the hang of it you probably won't need the pencil but the tool is now an indispensable part of my makeup kit.…

Written by Karatekween on Aug 3rd 2015

Great gadget

Love this gadget. It really is great for teaching my daughter to shape her brows. I'd definately recommend it for anyone who isn't confident about getting the brows even or is just learning to pluck them.…

Written by Cjnight on Jul 27th 2015

It turned out to be amazing

I've been battling my brows for years as I seriously can't find a shape I like. This product seriously shapes your brows to your exact specifications. It's surprisingly amazing and easy to use, the white pencil shows up very well and it's extremely easy to use.…

Written by Lucrecia on May 2nd 2015

Really handy.

I've read all the brow shaping articles and thought I was doing alright with just a pencil as a reference. But being able to see and measure out both sides at once is a bit of a game changer. I was pretty happy with the shape of my brows, but I felt that one side was a bit more difficult to shape than the other. Seeing both sides measure out at the same time rather than each one separately was just the thing I needed to get my brow game on point. At a modest $29, this is one tool that is worth investing in because it makes a big difference.…

Written by Priscillabox on Mar 1st 2015

Everyone should have one!

This is the best eyebrow kit that I've ever had! Just follow the instructions and everything will be fine :D Just wondering if the pencil is finished, where can I get a new one instead of buying the full kit again... …

Written by Dukeandellen on Feb 1st 2015

Perfect DIY brows

I only started shaping my eyebrows this year. I'm 27 years old - a little late on the eyebrow bandwagon but better late than never! I was getting them threaded or waxed but I don't have bushy or full brows and the hairs grow verrrrrry slowly so I felt it was a bit of overkill getting the full works on them. Plus, anytime I waxed I broke out. I wanted to be able to pluck my brows myself for the convenience and to avoid breaking out but I had no idea where to begin. Enter the Brow Buddy Kit - I went into Mecca Joondalup in Perth while on holiday to browse and was immediately drawn to this odd looking contraption. Once I found out it was a tool for brow shaping I was intrigued and asked a sales assistant how it's used and if she recommended it. She explained the process and said although she hadn't used it herself, she had heard good things and also told me to hop on Youtube and look up tutorials. I purchased it and have used it a few times since and it's great! I do recommend looking up Youtube videos just so you get your technique down pat. I have only used this to pluck my eyebrows so far, not for filling in as I only fill in my brows for special occasions, but as I'm useless at makeup I'll absolutely use this when I need to fill in my brows. An ingenious product that I will recommend to my friends.…