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Firm Eyebrow Brush

Our angled, firm eyebrow brush is easy to use, high-quality, and it provides you with the control you need. And it does all of this while still looking beautiful and fitting in with your other makeup tools!

Your New Favorite Brush

The Billion Dollar eyebrow brush will suit many different budgets, and it provides you with the high-quality options you’re looking for in a makeup tool. In fact, you can use the brush with our powders, brow pomade, and more. Even use it with our eyebrow pencils to help soften lines, and blend the makeup into your brows with the help of the spoolie on the end!

One thing that makes this firm eyebrow brush so great is its charcoal-infused bristles, which are known to have antimicrobial properties. We work to make sure all our tools are premium quality, and this brush is no exception.

Get the Look

The bristles of the Billion Dollar eyebrow brush are made from high-quality synthetic materials. The rose gold accents make the brush look classic, so it easily fits in with any collection.

Not only is the black soft-touch handle beautiful but it’s also functional! The soft touch material of our firm eyebrow brush allows you to have a better grip on the brush, which creates more control while you’re applying your brow look.

Jump start your brow look using our entire collection of brushes!


4 Average based on 52 reviews Write a Review
Written by MichelleJoy on Apr 22nd 2019

Great for brow beginners

This is the first ever eyebrow brush I had bought and I would happily recommend to this brush to others that are just joining the brow game as it is very cheap yet does the job well. It's a product I wouldn't purchase again though as I find it's more tailored towards someone just starting out and learning about blending and defining brows. It's not the best product in terms of precision but it still does a good job. I think this product is more suited towards powder products than anything else. …

Written by FAY123 on Apr 4th 2019

Great for beginners!

First brow brush I have bought, and I love it. Bought it with the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder Duo and I love how they work together. Highly recommend!…

Written by Adele_C on Aug 2nd 2018

Best cheap eyebrow brush

Don't waste your money on anything else, if you want a firm-bristled and precise eyebrow brush, definitely get this one!…

Written by Viddee on Jul 4th 2018

Great brush, angled brush is firm

Easy to use, easy to clean. The angled brush is firm and a bit sparse compared with regular angled brushes but it is still great to use for strokes and blending of shadow. ItÕs great.…

Written by Mia C on Jun 23rd 2018

Best brow brush that lasts!

IÕve been using this brow brush every day for a year and have only just had to update it! ItÕs cheap and works so well!…

Written by Clausvil on Jun 12th 2018

definitely buy this brush!

I bought this brush because my other one was getting too fanned out as an eyebrow brush. After getting this brush I've been able to sculpt my eyebrows properly, and they look much better!…

Written by Zoelee on May 3rd 2018

Good Value

Love this brush and the fact that I didnt have to buy them seperately, good quality as well!…

Written by Gemmy on Sep 2nd 2017


Broke/brush kind of just fell off after a few weeks of use. Spoolie also warped. Brush bristles are pretty good so I super glued it back on but the spoolie is not good. Too clunky to define finer brows.…

Written by Tigs on Sep 2nd 2017

My favorite.

I have been creating my brows long before I can even remember so I have used many tools and products. This one is my favourite. I use it with liquids and powders as it is very versatile. Extremely easy to use and also to clean. Great brush for the price…

Written by TickTack289 on Aug 7th 2017

Loved it

Best brush highly recomend!! I've used it for over 6 months and it's still in great shape worth every penny!…

Written by Aquagoddess82 on Jun 30th 2017

Great tool

I don't really like powdered eyebrow products but I also find my pencil doesn't smith out as much so decided to give this a try by blended my pencil in with this (I also use billion dollar brow pencil).....it works a treat! Smiths out any pencil lines and you can smudge it into a nice angle. Very happy! Brush on end is also great can really comb each individual hair.…

Written by Court1315 on Jun 6th 2017

Great quality

Great brush for such a small price , happy I purchased it . Very easy to use & is great quality .…

Written by LauraMarie on May 31st 2017

Really easy to use

I love this brush. I'm not very good at drawing on my eyebrows but with this brush I've finally been able to get them to look perfect!…

Written by Lisha34 on May 19th 2017


It's was a great bush until it broke. This brush part popped out making it hard to use. But the brush itself is great. …

Written by Mollie100 on Apr 30th 2017

Name really suits the brush

Love how it's two in one, and how good it can define…

Written by Katalina1802 on Apr 12th 2017

Fine lines

I bought the brow brush a month ago and have been so happy with my purchase! The shaping brush slows me to make my brain as on fleek EVERYDAY and they are no less Myer hut and miss like they used to be. The fine brush allows you to draw faux hairs and lightly or heavily colour in the brow wit the convenience of grooming them with the brush on the other end. LOVE IT…

Written by Shez24 on Apr 2nd 2017

Perfect brush

The brush is fine enough to draw on perfect brows and so much easier to bring around one brush instead of two! Needs a good clean here and there cause the brush end can go a bit hard, other than that it's perfect!…

Written by Maryfloss on Apr 2nd 2017

Good eyebrow and eyeliner brush

Not a lot to say about an eyebrow brush and eyeliner brush. I mostly use the eyeliner brush for winger eyeliner. This works well with the Stuka smudge pot. The brush is light and easy to hold…

Written by ABSS on Mar 11th 2017

Awesome Brush!

I bought this brush about 3 weeks ago and it is amazing! would highly recommend to anyone. has made putting on my eyebrows so much easier.…

Written by ML23 on Mar 3rd 2017

Faulty-end came off

After a few weeks of purchasing it, the end with the angled brush came off.. really disappointing.…

Written by Karen Starr on Mar 2nd 2017

Nice product

Practical and make up bag essential. Very handy item.…

Written by Tahlz13 on Feb 21st 2017

Absolute fav!

I bought this a while ago and I love it so much! I have always struggled with finding a thin enough brush and this one was perfect.…

Written by Kirsti on Feb 11th 2017

Best double-ended brow brush

Great brow brush! The spoolie is great at getting ALL my brow hairs not just the tops of them. And the angled brush is very thing, which is great for thin strokes to fill out brows.…

Written by Rach2601 on Jan 31st 2017

Great angle brush

I use this brush with my Lancome Le Sourcil Pro Gel works perfectly blends easily as well Love it !!…

Written by Daniellee on Jan 26th 2017

Gives Perfect Shape

I bought this about a month ago and instantly fell involve. it allows me to define my brows and create the perfect shape every time. Love it!…

Written by Ravk on Jan 22nd 2017

Fabulous multi use brow brush

I bought this brow brush over a month ago and the angled soft dense brush is perfect for my eyebrow gel/putty and allows for quick and easy brow shaping and drawing. The combing brush is also sturdy and well made. Love the rose gold touches and super easy to clean with my make up cleaner.…

Written by Maral on Jan 16th 2017

Love this brow brush!

This brush works perfectly with my Lancome Le Sourcil Pro Gel. The angled brush is stiff enough to create a precise outline but also flexible enough to fill in the gaps in without clumping the product. Love it!…

Written by Teicia49 on Jan 12th 2017

Very versatile brush

I have been using this brush for a month and it is great. It helps me create a perfect brow…

Written by Lgro on Sep 22nd 2016

Perfect brow brush

I was a bit late to the brow game - mainly as I was scared of dark brow pencils. I was shown how to use this with the brow colour by a lovely Mecca girl who help me conquer my brow phobia and create perfect natural looking brows. Now a daily makeup staple. I love how the brush works to create even natural brows even with me just slapping the colour on carelessly. Effortless!…

Written by Jeska89 on Sep 11th 2016

One End Fell Off

Purchased this at the end of august and have only used a few times and one of the brush ends has fallen off. Really dissapointing.…

Written by Beckywnn on Aug 31st 2016

Easy to use, very precise!

I bought this to use with my eyebrow pomade. Best tip would be to use a light hand. I've been cleaning it with baby shampoo and it still looks brand new (have had it for over a month)…

Written by Fernla on Jul 16th 2016

Perfect Brow Brush

I was given this as a gift and very happy with it! For me it is a great size and feels just right in my hand when applying brow gel and powder. I love the round brush on the other end to help blend it does a good job. …

Written by Maddieee on Jul 2nd 2016

The brush

I bought this around a month and and replaced it from a cheap brand. Although it was a little more than I would have liked to of spent it is well worth the money. The fine tip makes it easy to get that perfect brow shape and the fine brush on the end makes it easy to brush the power through the brow…

Written by Ashley98 on Jun 30th 2016


My mom bought this but I've stolen it! The width is nice and thin to apply product onto the brow without mistake!…

Written by I_make_up_mua on Jun 16th 2016

Excellent as its double ended for easy use

Excellent product for styling my brows, easy to use …

Written by Angea on Jun 12th 2016

It only lasted a few weeks and then the brush end came off

The functionality of this brush was fine. But i feel like it was not made very well, coming apart after only a few weeks. A bit disappointed.…

Written by Bzhanga on Jun 11th 2016

Woth the money

It's simple Ð it effectively blends and shapes your eyebrows very nicely!…

Written by Xellax on Jun 3rd 2016

Perfect brush

Amazing brush, so happy I tried it! Applies powder perfectly with precision.…

Written by Firefly on May 5th 2016

Great features

I bought this month agao n I am very happy with it…

Written by Jorbzilla on May 5th 2016

Amazing with pomade of powder!

I just bought this because I enjoyed the shape and sharpness in the brush and was hoping it would give me a better line and blendability with my brow pomade. I started reading through these comments after I'd bought it and got worried about the lack of use with pomade and had to test it out with my pomade immediately. But it turns out that it's amazing! Gives a nice line, not to harsh and is super easy to blend with the hairs and then add powder if needed :) I am obsessed, my brows have never looked better <3 …

Written by Carladifederico on May 3rd 2016

love my brow brush!

I brought this product a month ago and im in love with it! ever since I brought it ive been using it everyday and its my secret to having wonderful brows!…

Written by Emee on Apr 30th 2016


The product is so good and works very well on your eyebrows and shapes them really good…

Written by LCW1 on Apr 30th 2016

Easy to use

This is a great brush! Easy to use, keeps its shape and doesn't pick up too much product. Great price also!…

Written by Carlahen on Apr 27th 2016

Love it

Love the brow brush so easy to use love it can say anymore but that I love it…

Written by Ashleigh1109 on Apr 15th 2016

Easy and sleek

Sleek design and easy to apply with powder! This is the only brush I use in my brows…

Written by Dani_123 on Apr 4th 2016

Great Brush!!!!

I bought this a week ago and I'm amazed with the quality! It has great precision, i also use it to tackle mascara lumps.…

Written by Tracy98 on Apr 2nd 2016

love it

i have been using this for a few months now and i really like it…

Written by PRD95 on Mar 16th 2016

Great until it broke

I bought this a few weeks ago and was really happy with it at first, the brush is nice and thin and works really well with waxy eyebrow products however after no more than 3 weeks of use, one end of my brush fell off which is very disappointing. I will attempt to fix it and continue using but i wouldn't buy it again.…

Written by GemmaD33 on Mar 2nd 2016


I bought this because i needed a new angled brush to apply my brow pomade with BUT i would not recommend it for brow waxes/pomades. The brush is too soft and you lose a lot of the product in it and don't get the precision you would with a stiffer brush. BUT! I use it for powder and it works perfectly!!! The spoolie is a great extra that has come in very handy!…

Written by Sayma on Feb 6th 2016


glides on so smoothly, very good quality - this brush should last me ages…

Written by Bharathi32 on Feb 2nd 2016

Great brush

Am so happy the product I bought a month ago. Its worth it…

Written by Gitu43 on Jan 11th 2016

Nice brush 2 in 1

I bought this a month ago it is very useful and gives nice shine to the lashes..…