Brow Butter Pomade Kit


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The Billion Dollar Brow Butter Pomade

Our Brow Butter Pomade gives you the ability to shape and define your brows while creating a look that’s natural and lasts a long time. Brow pomade is a great way to dip your toes in the water of brow cosmetics because it’s so forgiving.

The Secret to Beautiful Brows

Our formula is made to be buttery smooth and never dry out. With the Billion Dollar Brows pomade, you can use one of our angled brushes to easily apply the creamy makeup with the same precision as you’d get from a pencil. Then, use the other end of the brush to smooth out your brows for a more natural look. The spoolie on the end of the brush makes it easy so you won’t have to worry about using two separate tools!

Commitment to Excellence

At Billion Dollar Brows, we work to provide you with the best brow experience possible. We help everyone from beginners to professionals get the brow looks they love. Our professionally-formulated brow butter gives you a chance to try something new and exciting with your eyebrows. As an added bonus, we focus on making all our products cruelty-free and have many products that are vegan!

Still wondering what you can do with your brows? Start your beautiful brow journey now!


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Written by Liarbird on Jun 4th 2019

Great for beginners

I own this and have bought this for friends, absolute bargain for the price and really easy to use. I've only bought the light blonde color but find it very subtle in a good way. It doesn't look cakey and blends really well with eye brow hairs and on the skin beneath. The brush for application is alright, but you can buy separate brushes that are better and more precision based.…

Written by Jadezapp on May 27th 2019

Great little kit!

The brush and smooth, light consistency of the butter makes this so easy to apply. It keeps a natural but defined look. Runs a little light so thereÕs areas IÕd still need to fill in with my brow pencil but overall is great!…

Written by Rojo26007 on May 23rd 2019

Didn't know I needed it until I had it

I got my eyebrows done at meccaland at BDB and when I looked in the mirror, I was officially in love. I immediately asked what the product was and when she told me it was this pro made, I snatched it up immediately! Definitely the best product for colour, shaping and boldness build up…

Written by Evawang757 on May 16th 2019

Love, love, love!

I really struggle to find the right shade of brown for my brows, it's either too dark or too light. But this was PERFECT! goes on smoothly and leaves a fantastic natural look. …

Written by MellJ on May 5th 2019

Natural but striking brows

This brow butter goes on as smoothly as its namesake. I love the sleek texture and the ease of application.…

Written by Anna1234567890 on May 1st 2019


Amazing, best eyebrow product I have owned, defines my eyebrows and makes them look natural, easy to use great price…

Written by Samster on Apr 25th 2019

I love it!

The best and easiest brow product I've ever used!!…

Written by SophieW96 on Mar 22nd 2019

Love this

Was a little hesitant about whether the colour would be too dark, but it's perfect because it's buildable! Comes with a brush/spoolie and a little case with a mirror which is so handy, I take it in my bag all the time!…

Written by Katarina91 on Mar 21st 2019

My new favorite!

Êcame into the store only to find NARS brow pomade is no longer stocked, but the very polite assistant pointed me in the direction of this pomade and wow! The texture threw me off when I first opened it but it really is amazing, glides on nice and smooth over the brow and skin, easy to manage and has a flawless finish!…

Written by Jasminereinso on Mar 18th 2019


I've never used a promade before so I was a little hesitant when I was suggested this, but after using it and getting use to the product I found that I'll never go back to using a pencil or powder. The brush that comes with this kit is absolutely amazing and a little goes a long way, the pigment is amazing…

Written by Ess Tee1 on Mar 14th 2019


Very easy to use, even colour and you donÕt need to use a lot to get amazing results.…

Written by Erin95 on Feb 22nd 2019

Great formula

Was previously using Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade before switching to the billion dollar brows brow butter and I find the formula of the brow butter to be a lot easier to use and the brush that comes in the kit is very precise. My brows stay in place all day even through a workout! Love it!…

Written by Maggietran on Feb 15th 2019

Perfect brows

This product is absolutely amazing for those we love a nice and full brow that doesnÕt look too over the top. This formula glides right over the brow to give you the shape you desire. And itÕs also a great value for money, as it has a brush included which is also amazing). 100% recommend!…

Written by Missy1991 on Jan 25th 2019

great getaway pomade

I have always been a bit hesitant going from all powder to pomade. But recently having it done for a friend's wedding I have been keen to try this out at home. It's surprisingly easy to apply and I am sure with enough practice and a stiffer brush for detail work, I will look like I have the best manicured brows ever. But I am a little dissapointed that there is only two shades.... your'e either blonde or taupe. Now I went for the taupe and as much as it claims to fit a number of profiles.... it doesn't. But in saying that it's still an amazing product and an awesome starter kit for those who are looking to transition into this line. However I think next time I may end up looking at a brand with more options.…

Written by Catlover497 on Jan 15th 2019

Easy application

This product is a life saver !! I struggled to find a good fit for my eyebrows but this one works so well and is so easy to put on, and makes your eyebrows look amazing.…

Written by Antilopa on Jan 13th 2019

Easy to apply

Pomade is very easy to apply and make the perfect brow shape. Glides on very easily and intensity can be built up. I tried it with a brow pencil on top and also had a great result. I really can't find any flaws with this product.…

Written by Eri2308 on Jan 11th 2019

Creamy easy glide on!

I have used bare minerals one as well but this stays moist for way longer without drying in tub! It stays on all day even after swimming at beach yay! Highly recommended!!!…

Written by Sabina97 on Jan 9th 2019

Great first pomade

IÕd always been a little scared to try a pomade but this product has done really well for me, for a first timer. Its colour, consistency and application is forgiving and pleasant. With practice, this will enable you to have any kind of brow you want. Definitely on the less natural side (if you want natural, IÕd recommend a brow pencil) but still able to be diverse. For the price, how much you get in the tub, the formula and application, itÕs a great brow product!…

Written by Sumayah on Dec 20th 2018


I brought this a few days ago and I am absolutely loving the texture and how easy it glides on my eyebrows, itÕs not slimy or wet so it doesnÕt make my eyebrows look fake, itÕs more of a hard clay like texture but not dry and itÕs so easy to apply and get on to the brush, little goes a long way and use feather strokes for that perfect natural look!! Definitely 5 stars plus!!!!…

Written by Tiana_Co on Nov 11th 2018

So Good

The brush is included and absolutely perfect. The pomade seamlessly blends…

Written by Musicalmoustache on Oct 14th 2018

Favorite brow pomade

I haven't used many pomades before and this is the first one that I bought. I bought this product and I love how it applies smoothly and it is very creamy. I think that the formula is waterproof as I went swimming last weekend and my brows stayed on the whole time! The brush that comes with it is well suited to it…

Written by Penny111 on Oct 11th 2018

So easy to fill brows

Very natural looking and can make darker of leave just a very natural looking brow. Texture is so smooth itÕs not cakey or hard to spread over brows like some pencils are. The brush is great and precise- wouldnÕt go back to a pencil again. I have the blonde colour and am natural ashy blonde itÕs perfecy match…

Written by May on Oct 8th 2018

Perfect taupe shade and brush!

IÕve been using a powder eyeshadow for my brows for years, then I decided to hunt for a proper brow stuff recently and failed. Shades are either too ashy or has a reddish tint to it. brush too plays a really important roll to an easy and precise application, I think I have like 6 slanted brow brushes and all of them doesnÕt really wow me. So today Went to Mecca and tried and bought this today... I am so impressed!!! Brush is firm enough, very thin flat that makes it so easy to apply a precise line, and the shade taupe, finally, perfect shade for me! ItÕs not ashy, itÕs warm taupe which would suit all skin colours. The texture is gorgeous, just glides and fill in my brow with ease. I love it so much I recommend it 100%! DonÕt waste your money on other brands, like what I did :-)…

Written by Casz on Sep 20th 2018

Beats pencils hands-down

Blonde: This product set not only allows complete buildable control with a perfectly balanced amount of pigment to base, but the texture permits impeccable grooming without feeling like brows are glued or plastered to the forehead. I canÕt feel it when itÕs on at all, and IÕm sensitive to textures on my face. The tough little double-ended brush it comes with actually works wonders for everyday applications. Perfect match for the product. This was used during a Mecca application, I bought it as a result, and I wonÕt be without it now. Brows get done most days of the week now as a result. Love it.…

Written by KYM99 on Jun 5th 2018

Great quality

I brought this a couple of weeks ago and I am loving it already! ItÕs so easy to apply and creates flawless brows…

Written by AMN5 on Jun 1st 2018

Will Never Use a Pencil or Powder Again!

I'll never buy another pencil or powder brow product again after using this. It glides on and can easily be built up to be as natural looking or bold as you like, the brush is the perfect size and makes it easy to get precise lines. I think it's super value for money as pomades seem to last forever and the brush is quite strong and well made, unlike many others. I'm ash blonde and use the colour taupe which is perfect, it's quite a bit lighter than the BDB brow powder (once applied) but can be built up to be much darker if needed without giving that fake, drawn on look.…

Written by Roshni13 on Feb 14th 2018


Sophisticated brow look. Easy to control application and my brows look full and naturally beautiful!…

Written by Twils on Feb 11th 2018

Great product!

IÕd bought this a few weeks ago and love it! I use it every day, awesome product.…

Written by Meccahqeszter on May 24th 2017

So easy to use!

I have this in Taupe. Perfect little kit to get your brows done quickly. The pomade has a thick texture but doesn't go on crazy dark - just get a bit on the provided brush and smooth your brows into shape while adding colour. I don't even use a pencil, this does the entire job. Holds in place all day and looks natural. …

Written by Beckaa991 on Feb 28th 2017

Love it!

Bought this the other week, I thought it's pretty cheap considering it also comes with the brush so I wasn't sure how it was going to actually be, and was pretty surprised at how amazing it actually is! Really great for a natural look. Definitely will buy again!!…