Billion Dollar Brows Makeup Tutorials

Trying to determine which Billion Dollar Brows products to add to your daily routine? Get some eyebrow inspiration and styling hacks with our helpful video tutorials. Our eyebrow makeup tutorials are here to help you achieve professional-looking brows that will make you feel your most confident every day.
Our collection of eyebrow makeup pencils are perfect for every set of brows out there. See all of the possibilities in these eyebrow makeup tutorials.
See how the pros apply and blend our creamy Universal Brow Pencil!
Achieve full brows in seconds with the Universal Brow Pencil that suits almost all skin and hair tones.
Our Microblade Effect Brow Pen can give you that microbladed appearance without the commitment!
Watch as we swatch our Microblade Effect Brow Pen and put it through a waterproof test!
If you have fair hair and skin, see how our Nordic Mechanical Brow Pencil offers a natural finish.
Get full, defined brows with the products (Brows on Point Micro Pencil and Flash & Filter: Highlighter & Concealer) and tips highlighted in this eyebrow makeup tutorial.
Whether you prefer an effortless, natural look, or you love to fill your brows for a thick, luxe appearance, we have the brow gel your routine needs. Learn how to use our gel with the help of the eyebrow tutorial videos below.
Discover the best way to apply our Color & Control: Tinted Brow Gel for a one-step brow look that lasts all day!
Learn more about our fiber brow gel while watching the simple application process.
See the fiber brow gel in action during this one-step tutorial!
This quick video will help you create defined and natural brows using our Tinted Brow Gel and Brow Duo Pencil for definition.
What’s the best way to apply brow powder, and when and where should you use it? Discover the answers to many of your questions as you watch the following videos.
This video shows you how to achieve soft, full brows using our 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit.
Learn how simple it is to apply our blendable Brow Powder using a dual-ended eyebrow angle brush.
Brow Pomade is a great product for anyone who wants bold eyebrows that look like they were done by a pro. Learn our top butter pomade beauty secrets with these helpful tutorials.
Get natural, locked-in brows using these five easy products, which includes our Brow Butter Pomade.
BDB brow kits have everything you need to accomplish every eyebrow look you dream of. Create amazing brows with the help of these step-by-step eyebrow makeup tutorials.
Shape, fill, and define your brows using our Ultimate Brow Bundle and the steps highlighted here.
Watch as our founder, Natalie Plain, shows you how she uses the Ultimate Brow Bundle.
From creating symmetrical brows to defining and filling in the brows, see how a pro uses our Best Sellers Kit.
If you have thick brows that you want to tame for a natural, symmetrical look, find out how to use our Brow Buddy tool.
Have thin brows that you dream of filling in naturally? See how the Brow Buddy can help!
Discover how to find the arch of your brows.
Effortlessly shape and fill your brows by following this simple video.
We want to see you through your entire beauty routine. That’s why we’ve created quality, cruelty-free makeup. Learn about our Gold-Infused Illuminator and more.
Get a natural glow using our Gold-Infused Illuminator makeup and our Flash & Filter Pencil.
See our Gold-Infused Illuminator in action, and discover how well it works on a variety of skin tones.
Experience the natural glow created by our illuminator product as we swatch the hydrating formula.
If you crave even more tips and tricks that will make your brow routine a breeze, we recommend checking out these additional eyebrow makeup tutorials.
Learn how to pair our quality cosmetics with our vegan, cruelty-free brushes.
Check out the steps our pros recommend for waxing, plucking, filling in, and highlighting your brows.

We’re Here to Help You!

Whether you’re exploring to see which shade will match your skin tone, need style ideas for a special event, or are looking for cruelty-free products, Billion Dollar Brows has the perfect product and tutorial for you. Our eyebrow tutorial videos will help you discover your favorite new brow look.

Add these products and steps to your daily routine today!