Billion Dollar Brows was created by former television producer Natalie Plain to provide high quality, easy-to-use eyebrow products to customers around the globe. As a teenager growing up in Orange County, California, Natalie struggled to tame her naturally thick and unruly brows. Working in image-obsessed Hollywood, Natalie was desperate to find a simple, easy-to-use line of brow products. Not finding anything on the market that performed up to her exacting standards, Natalie took matters into her own hands and collaborated with a cosmetic chemist on her lunch break to create line of brow products that helped boost her confidence -- and her brows.

How Billion Dollar Brows Started

Founded in 2004 in a Los Angeles apartment, Billion Dollar Brows provides customers with the products they need to feel great about their brows and the way they look. Throughout our company’s history, Billion Dollar Brows has remained focused on “The Three C’s”: Create, Color and Control. All of Billion Dollar Brows’ cruelty free products, from our patented Brow Buddy Tool to our best selling Universal Brow Pencil, are designed to make the often difficult process of applying brow makeup simple and approachable.

Today, Billion Dollar Brows is sold in thousands of fine retailers, salons and spas around the globe. From product development to business operations, Natalie oversees all aspects of Billion Dollar Brows, while raising her two children with her husband and business partner Bob in Orange County.

We Have a Passion for Brows

Billion Dollar Brows educates and encourages everyone to love their brows. We offer products that are easy to use and want to provide tutorials on product usage. Even though brow care is always trending, we see no need to stick to the latest fads and trends. Instead, we teach how to take care of their brows, love them and use the styles they prefer. Your beauty routine should be completely in your hands and not dependent on the latest trends. You do you, and we will help.

By offering high-quality products and expertly crafted brow cosmetics, we give everyone a chance to enjoy higher-end brow makeup. Our pomade doesn’t dry out, our pencils include spoolies and every shade we offer is meant to work for several skin tones. Our products are all blendable so you can create a shade that’s unique to your skin!

The Cruelty-Free Mission

Our goal is to create a product line you can feel good about. Every product in our line is cruelty-free. Our brush line is also vegan. We’ve infused the synthetic fibers with charcoal, which has antimicrobial properties to keep brushes cleaner. You can be sure you’re getting high-quality synthetic brushes.

Even though we have a commitment to remaining cruelty-free, that doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality. For both our everyday enthusiast lines and professional lines, we ensure the highest quality brow products possible. Retail customers and professional customers will get quality products and our dedication to a professional experience. Our return process is easy, our products are affordable and we remain committed to offering deals like free shipping over $30 for our customers.

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