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To open a new account with us our purchase order minimum starts at $550.00 USD.

Does your salon or spa offer brow waxing services? If so, look no further than bdb to support your brow business.

At bdb, we understand every aspect of the business of brows. Whether you are looking for brow shaping training to increase the price of your brow shaping services or want to increase your retail bottom line with our line of eyebrow cosmetics, we are there to show you just how rewarding and lucrative eyebrow services can be.

At bdb, we know that most cosmetology schools gloss over eyebrow shaping in class - If it is even covered at all - leaving an aspiring brow artist completely in the dark.

From our eyebrow conditioning treatment, Brow Boost, to our powders, gels and pencils, clients from salons all over the world have raved about how bdb products have transformed their brows.

We have made it extremely easy for your salon to set up an account with us and successfully carry our products. Our point of sales display is stylish and compact, offering all of our best selling products in one display without sacrificing your valuable shelf space. As the only cosmetic company dedicated solely to eyebrows, our products are made of the finest ingredients and materials, giving you a versatile line of products that both the salon professional and consumer can enjoy.

This versatility allows our products to be used in both backbar and retail settings, giving you tremendous flexibility and value with our line.

Simply put, our products perform extraordinarily well in a professional salon or spa setting.

bdb picks up where the cosmotology schools leave off, teaching brow shaping techniques that will wow your clients and allow you to charge two to three times more for brow shaping services than you currently charge.

Using our patented Brow Buddy tool as the foundation of the course, our team of brow artists will teach you how to expertly shape your client's brows. Whether you are looking for one-on-one instruction or would like us to train your entire staff, our team can meet all of your needs.